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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #214 - March 2022 Comics & News

The three amigo's are back together talking all the latest Phantom comics and news from around the world. Joined by Mikael Lyck who reviews the latest Fantomen comics and even the 91:an issue featuring another tribute to Claes Reimerthi.

For those who cannot listen to the whole podcast, below is a runsheet with time stamps for

Frew Publications Comics Review

  • Frew #1911: 3 Minutes

    • "The Movie Stars" by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

    • "The Heavyweight Champion" Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

    • "The Marshall Sisters" part 2 by Lee Falk, Ray Moore, and Wilson McCoy

    • "The Shoplifters" by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

  • Frew #1912 & #1913: 9 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • "The Phantom Goes to Hell" by Pidde Andersson and Percy Ochoa

    • "On the Roofs of Paris" by Pidde Andersson and Percy Ochoa

  • Frew #1912 & #1913: 36 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • "Scourge of the Air Pirates, Part 2" by Jason Paulos

    • "Scourge of the Air Pirates, Part 3" by Jason Paulos

  • Giantsize #20: 41 Minutes

    • The Test” by Bill Lignante

Fantomen Comics Review

  • Fantomen 5/2022: 50 Minutes

    • "Ondskans totem" by Joan Boix

    • "Terroristerna" ("The Terrorists") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry

  • Fantomen 6-7/2022: 53 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • "Rök över Bengali" ("Smoke over Bangalla") by Bernd Frenz and Heiner Bade

    • "Hamnråttorna" ("The Wharf Rats") by Lee Falk, George Olesen & Fred Fredericks

  • 91:an 5/2022: 56 Minutes 30 Seconds

Daily / Sunday Stories Progress Discussion


  • Sy Barry NFT Art (link): 1 Hour 22 Minutes

  • The Phantom Never Dies podcast (link): 1 Hour 29 Minutes

  • Frew Generations Trading Cards (our review): 1 Hour 34 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Boss Fight Studio’s posting Wave 1.0 and Wave 1.5 (link): 1 Hour 49 Minutes

  • NECA DotE wave 2.0 out June/July (link): 1 Hour 54 Minutes

  • LFMBEC June with Supanova: 1 Hour 55 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • WWE Game with the Phantom Skin (link): 1 Hour 59 Minutes

  • German Book on the Phantoms history (link): 2 Hours 5 Minutes

  • David Bishop writing the Phantom back in New Zealand (link): 2 Hours 8 Minutes

  • Paul Mason Kickstarter (link): 2 Hours 10 Minutes

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