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David Bishop & the Phantom in New Zealand is Back!

On Kari Leppanen's website he talks about his new story he is working on called "Phantom Canoe" written by David Bishop. Those phans with good memories would remember that David in his X-Band: The Phantom Podcast chat with us talked of this story as one that was originally rejected almost 20 years ago.

With Claes Reimerthi passing, Team Fantomen had to find replacement writers and we can confirm that David is one of two returning authors.

If you listen to the below podcast from the 50 minute mark he talks about this Phantom Canoe story but also two other stories he was writing including the Phantom coming back to Australia and a sequel to a 2014 Team Fantomen story titled "Citadel of Death" written by David Bishop, with art by Alex Saviuk. This story featured Kim Soon joining the Jungle Patrol.

It seems this story wont feature the Phantom but will feature the 17th Phantoms twin sister Julie Walker. What may surprise some is that the Phantom canoe legend is based on actual events on 31 May 1886. We recommend everyone have a click of this link and learn something new.

Below is a portrait sheet of all the main characters in the story which is an extra requirement for stories to be created by either Team Fantomen, Frew and others.


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