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The aim of the Phantom Preservation Project, or P3 for short, is to preserve The Phantom history. In particular, we are preserving that which can be digitised and thus easily accessed by phans. Videos, newsletters, audio, artwork, video games... anything we can!


All of the content featured in P3 is out of print/production and

is not accessible through any current store (not including eBay

or other collectable/second hand-type stores). This includes

things such as old Phantom phan club  newsletters, newspaper

articles, video and music that was released decades ago, and

much more. There is a lot of Phantom stuff out there, so this

is an ever-growing resource! 

You can check out everything that is currently in the P3 by

clicking here to see the Index. This is a living link, constantly

growing and always up-to-date.

Note: This is NOT the place to find free Phantom comics, but

rather items that would most likely never be reproduced but

still hold a value historically for phans and the legacy of Lee Falk's hero.


In order to gain access to P3 you must be subscribed to the $5 tier on our Patreon fund. While we would of course love to offer all of this free to phans, the fact is that providing all of these files uses a considerable amount of hosting space, which of course costs money. One of the reasons we haven't been able to provide a service like P3  until recently was due to that very cost, which was prohibitive to us until our wonderful patrons began donating and allowed us the funds to make it a reality. As you can see by the various goals we have set over there, all funds gained from Patreon go straight back into the site so don't worry, we're not using it to fund our collections.

Once you have joined the Patreon you will be provided with the

link you need to access P3 and the various files hosted within. 

Thank You:

We hope that P3 is of interest to all phans and visitors to the site. We are adding files every month, and over time ware building the most comprehensive archive of out-of-print Phantom media. If you feel you can help contribute to P3, please be sure to e-mail us!

      - Team ChronicleChamber

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The Phantom Preservation Project (PPP3)

Recent Phantom Happenings

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