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About Chronicle Chamber & our History

Recent Phantom Happenings

ChronicleChamber began life in 2006 as a humble discussions forum by Joe. It wasn't long after that it was grown into a fully fledged website quickly becoming the on-line resource for all your Phantom needs. It is now the largest fan-run website and along with reporting all the comics and news from around the world, we interview creators from all major Phantom publishers past and present and in 2013 debuted X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, the world's first Phantom dedicated podcast which is now post 200 episodes. 


As the website has grown so has the team. Read about the main team and contributors below.

The Team

Dan Fraser.jpg



Original founder of Chronicle Chamber and has now hung up his mask and passed on the mantle to enjoy married life.

Everything that Chronicle Chamber is now, is thanks to Joe.

Joe Douglas
Jermayn Parker


Organises the website, contributors & phan/creator interviews as we keep the phans up to date with everything Phantom from around the world.


Other tasks include editing the podcasts, videos as well as manages our various social media.

Jermayn Parker.jpg


Uses his English teacher skills to ensure the website flows and makes sense.

Has the daunting task of keeping the Phantom Preservation Project (P3) up to date.

Dan Fraser
Stephen East.jpg


Mysterious... Does he even exist?

Stephen has been a long time X-Band: The Phantom podcast contributor.

Stephen East
Ankit Mitra



Ankit is our Indian contributor who reviews the Regal Publishers & Shakti Comics for our X-Band Podcasts and website


Ankit also helps contributes by keeping his ears to everything new & all the latest in India were some of the most passionate phans live.

Mikael Lyck



Mikael helps out with reviewing the latest Fantomen comics for our X-Band Podcast, website and reports on all the latest news from Scandinavia & Europe.

Mikael is also the creator of the popular Card Game.

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Jim Shepherd2_edited.jpg

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