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Australian comedian Sammy J toured his sell-out, 5-star award-winning show Hero Complex across the country throughout 2016/2017. The hilarious coming of age story is about a schoolboy and his gardener, and their friendship based on a shared love of the comic book hero, The Phantom.


Jam-packed with real life photos, videos and new songs, Sammy took his audiences on an unbelievably true journey across the last twenty years of his life to an incredible, must be seen to be believed finale.

In 1996, Sammy J borrowed some Phantom comics from his school gardener. That moment set off a chain of events that led to the birth of his daughter, saw him committing a crime in Canberra, and ended with a federal policeman searching his attic.

Hero Complex has won multiple awards across the comedy scene in Australia. While the tour has now completed, Sammy has hinted at others to come. Stay abreast by checking out Sammy's official website at Sammy-J.com.


We've covered the show fairly extensively here on ChronicleChamber and even had the pleasure of Sammy as a guest on Episode 45 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.

Now that Sammy is now a good friend of ChronicleChamber.com we thought it'd be cool to have something of a repository for all the cool stuff that has been released around the show from images to videos and more. Check it all out below!


Best Comedy Winner, 2016 Melbourne Fringe
Best Comedy Nominee, 2017 Adelaide Fringe

Best Comedy Nominee, 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival

Best Comedy Performer Nominee, 2017 Helpmann Awards


To help promote Hero Complex, Sammy and The Phantom teamed up to release several short sketches which Sammy then shared accross various social media platforms. You can watch them all in the playlist below.

As well as creating these clips, Sammy also did his time on media street:

ABC radio -
The Conversation Hour
31 March 2017 Sammy J - ABC - The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine
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And of course, there were the Facebook Live videos!


Not only was a good deal of promotional images released for Hero Complex, but Sammy was constantly accosted by phans at his shows. The below gallery includes all the promo images and photos of those lucky enough to have met the man himself (Sammy that is, not The Phantom.)

Remember, if YOU have any pics from the Hero Complex tour, including you posing with Sammy J or anything else, please send them through to us here at ChronicleChamber.com using this link and we will add them to the Gallery!


Many publications reviewed Hero Complex as Sammy toured the show around Australia:

Cross Media

Sammy J has been generous enough to allow the Irish publisher Lightning Strike Comic Books to use the song he wrote for Hero Complex to put behind their re-interpretation of Ray Moore's original Origin strip.

And here is Tim Wilson MP's maiden speech to the Australian parliament, with his very sneaky Phantom reference (skip to 5 min 15 seconds - this will make the most sense if you've seen Hero Complex):

And finally...

Possibly the most exciting moment of the Hero Complex tour for the ChronicleChamber team, as Sammy J and Duncan visit the Skull Cave of one of our own - Jermayn Parker - in a house in suburban Perth...

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