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Phans Collectors Corner

One of the things we love about collecting the Phantom is looking through other phans collections. It can be very dangerous as we find items we didn't know about which we then add to our 'Wants List'.


Here is an opportunity to share and browse multiple collections at once. 

If you want to share  your collection please send your photos and videos to us. It does not matter if its the biggest or smallest, we all love to look through each others collections.


If you are a collector, we would also recommend you reading a detailed report on the best Australian Insurer broken down by each Australian state. This is compiled by phan Peter Steven. Please note, it is advice only.


You can find the Collectors Insurance Report here.

Recent Phantom Happenings

Jermayn Parker, Australia

Terry Krahe, Australia

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All Videos

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Chris Smith, USA (Part 1)

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Chris Smith, USA (Part 2)

Simon Brown, Australia