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The Current Day Phantom Publishers

Recent Phantom Happenings

The Phantom has been published around the world for decades. To hunt down information for past publishers, we suggest going to the amazing Phantom Wiki. This list is for current publishers publishing The Phantom. You can buy comics from the following links.

Majority of the comics from these publishers are reviewed by Chronicle Chamber and or by our correspondents on our YouTube channel plus our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. 

Frew Publishers (Australia)

Fantomen (Sweden)

Fantomet (Norway)

Hermes (USA)

Comics Revue (USA)

Mythos (Brazil)

Regal Publishers (India)

Shatki (India)

Dolmen (Spain)

Wick Publications (Germany)

Zauberstern (Germany)

Kockás (Hungary)

Editions Dante (France)

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