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The Phantom Video Game Updates

Art of Play Games have announced that the official video game trailer for the new Phantom video game will be released 1 July 2024 with several other big announcements.

Some may be asking what the difference between the July trailer release and the one released December 2023 (included below) . As explained by Ash Nicholls the director of Art of Play Games, the July trailer will be longer and have way more gameplay involved.

Along with the 1 July 2024 trailer release, the website will be updated with more screenshots of the 15 levels and in game footage will be added along with some merchandise to purchase.

Other teases & updates are:

  • The design team has wrapped the visuals for the game.

  • The Art of Play Games team will be having another meeting with King Features Syndicate in May 2024 to show them 9 out of the 15 completed levels of the game.

  • Other Phantom related artists will be involved with the game in VERY LIMITED Edition set of Artist Exclusive Boxed Editions including Sy Barry.

The best place to keep an eye on their Phantom video game updates is their website. You can subscribe to be notified of all their updates via an email subscription or via their social platforms - Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram and Discord.

Keep an eye on our website, YouTube channel and social media platforms for the April 2024 Australian Supanova panel discussion with Ash Nicolls and the voice actor for the Phantom game. In the meantime, attached is our latest X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode chat with Ash Nicholls.


Recent Phantom Happenings

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