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Introducing: The Phantom Video Game by Art of Play Games

On Friday 27th January, Art of Play Games dropped some game-changing news, announcing the development of a new The Phantom video game to be released in 2024. The game will be playable on popular gaming platforms Nintendo Switch, Playstation, xBox and Steam.

For those who listened to our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #240 we said there was something brewing that would be a "game changer"! Did anyone guess the clue?

Launched today, the website features a heroic Anthony Spay drawn Phantom on the famous Skull Throne with some epic lighting effects. This website links to a form for you to register your interest and be notified of upcoming announcements and teasers. Of course, we will continue to share all announcements via our social platforms and this website.

Building on the exciting news, next week we have a unique opportunity to record an exclusive podcast with the director of the project. We can't wait for the chat - he's a self-declared massive phan! We will chat all things about the video game, and try to ask all the relevant questions. We absolutely encourage your input, so please get in contact via our social media channels or email with any questions.

You can find out all about Art of Play Games at their website. All of their future announcements will be on the video game website as well as via their social profiles: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The official hashtag is #PhantomGame.

Will this be a game changer? Who else is excited? We certainly are!


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