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The Phantom Card Game Extension Pack?

Games by Lyck has on designed or by accident dropped a hint that we may get an extension pack not once or twice, but thrice.

Attached is their latest update:

We will continue working with all the partners that have helped us, kept the communication going and been great. Next time the products will be handled from doorstep to doorstep by the fulfillment partners to decrease the paperwork needed and increase the overall responsibility by our more experienced logistics partners. We have plans to move to another manufacturer for the upcoming expansion..... I am so much looking forward to talk more about the expansion, hopefully I can share more about that soon!

Even with the shipping delays, this is exciting news. The American backers are in the middle of receiving their orders at the moment and lastly Australians and New Zealands are still waiting for their games to arrive after some unforeseen delays.

This is exciting news that we are looking like we are getting a new extension pack. Have you played the game? Are you looking forward to the extension pack? What would you like to see as an extension? What would like to see the extension pack bring to the game?


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