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Hakes Selling Original Phantom Art & More from the Ed Rhoades Estate

For those who have come in late, Ed Rhoades passed away in 2012, who left a lasting imprint on the Phantom world. In an online auction starting May 6th 2024, some of his Phantom art and other Phantom related items from the estate will be on sale. You can bid at

Ed Rhoades, Pete Klaus and some others created a fan group called the Friends of the Phantom (FotP) group in the 1990's. One of the lasting legacies they left was regular newsletters interviewing Phantom creators, researching and cataloging Phantom collectibles and researching Phantom history. In a lot of ways, they laid the ground work for what we at Chronicle Chamber do.

Back in 2019, Billy Higgins sold some of the art from the estate, however for various reasons only one round of art was ever sold. Now after five years, more art will now be sold via Hakes. Attached is a gallery of 27 pieces from the estate that will be up for auction.


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