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Are Editions Dante going to be Producing their own Created Licensed Stories?

Reports are that French publisher Editions Dante who are currently republishing Moonstone Phantom stories are looking to expand their Phantom license by creating their own stories.

Details are thin at the moment but we have seen the attached cover art by French artist Tony D'Agos. We can only assume he will be one of the creators involved.

As of this stage there are no further details on the writer(s) or artist(s) involved but as they come in we will report and update you phans via our website and or social media platforms.

We believe there is still some water to go under the bridge before we see regular comics or TPBs released by Editions Dante featuring new stories. However, newly created stories released by another publisher is exciting and welcoming news.

In other news, volume three of their Moonstone TPB volumes has been delayed from the March 2024 date to a new date of June 2024. You can read about the contents and other details in this article.

If there are any French reader phans that would like to review them for us, please contact us via


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