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ECR Publishing Presents Issues #85 and #86 Reprinting Sy Barry Classic Stories

ECR Publishing have announced their second round of Phantom issues reprinting the Sy Barry Daily newspaper stories. The stories are "The Mysterious Ambassador" and "The Mystery of the Island of Dogs".

The first of the series was published in December 2023 featuring three stories in a hardcover and separate three softcover magazine format. You can watch our review of them here. This new release will feature two stories again in a hardcover and separate softcover magazine which are all now on sale.

If interested you can order at their website (Hardcover and separate softcover format), or via email or WhatsApp: + 49(0)9383-2573.

The above two covers are for the magazine format while the cover below is for the hardcover collection. You can buy the magazine set of two and the hardcover each for €29.80. The exchange rates are $50Au, $30US, 350sek/nok and 2,700INR.

Included below are two variants of the hardcover book. The design is slightly different and for for €34.90 you can buy this limited edition variant book including an extra poster and a new not shown anywhere back cover. If you would like to order this, you will need to email the editor directly at their email, It is not available via stores.

The reason why there are only two stories published is because the stories are longer but the phans still get the same page count - 100+ pages. The next round of release is planned for October 2024 which will again be 100+ pages with three stories - one hardcover and three softcover magazines.

Some phans may be confused by the numbering system.

The first issue started at 82, 83 and 84. This new set is 85 and 86 - the next will be 87, 88 and 89. These numbers do not represent the issue numbers but instead the Daily Phantom stories. Daily story number 85 is "The Mysterious Ambassador" and the daily story number 86 is "The Mystery of the Island of Dogs"

All cover art of this series are by Andy. We believe the name Andy is a psydeum, his art style may be different to what many phans are used to. However I like the style and look forward to seeing his future covers.


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