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The (Finnish) Mustanaamio Club Website by Arki Design Is Released Including New Products

Arki Design the company behind the two releases of the Phantom beer from Finland by Pyynikin Brewing Company and Maku Brewing now are expanding the license of the Phantom in Finland. Arki Design and Egmont Kustannus have released a new website promoting a new Mustanaamio club with new products to soon be sold.

You can view the website at

We are unsure exactly if it will be a club or just a website with a shop but we are excited and think this is a great expansion on top of the new Finland book series currently being published.

The shop currently is not open for orders but the URL is

At this stage the website promotes the following items to be sold: Shirts, Beer Coasters, Keyrings, Hat and maybe the most unique item - a car freshener. Now your car can smell like the jungle, or banana! Wonder what else they may release?

To recap here are the images of the two beer releases by Pyynikin Brewing Company and Maku Brewing. If anyone from Finland wants to reach out and review the beer and new items for us, please contact us at


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