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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #280 - Enter the Phantom

Jermayn Parker and Dan Fraser chat with phan phav creator Matt Kyme who was the writer and artist behind Frew #1969 titled "Enter the Phantom". This story is special to a lot of Phantom phan geeks who love these types of stories. Towards the end of the podcast, phans from around the world submit their questions and comments to Matt and the new story.

Some of the subjects we touch upon in this podcast are the following:

  • His overall thoughts on the comic including some small problems with the way the comic was printed.

  • The cover by Marcelo Baez.

  • Why did Matt Kyme want to create a prequel for the "Singh Brotehrhood".

  • Why he wanted to explore the back story of Uncle Dave (plus answers the question if he is Lily's blood sister or sister-in-law).

  • Why he wanted to explore the Sunda Trench and Achmed Singh.

  • Background information on the real life Sunda Trench.

  • The juxtapositioning of the Phantom's pose on page 10 and 11.

  • The references to past classic stories of "The Childhood of the Phantom" and "The Belt".

  • The process and timeline of creating this story.

  • Creating the story to interwind with the "Singh Brotherhood" story and what to include and what not too include.

  • Jermayn Parker's two biggest bones of contention with the story.

  • The accent of the Phantom and how Uncle Dave figured out who the Phantom is.

  • Matt's appeal to the early Lee Falk stories.

  • Questions and comments from phans including Adam Williams, Callum Markin, Daniel Brogna, Gary Gazza, Jenni Mooney, Rosco, Sean Bassett, and Tyron Barker.

  • What comic events Matt Kyme will be attending in 2024 including what he may be selling.

Thank you phans for your questions, if we have missed your question you would like to ask Matt Kyme, you can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

Make sure you stay with us and do not forget to subscribe and leave a review on our podcast and or our YouTube Channel.


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