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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #162 - Matt Kyme & The Singh Brotherhood

Matt Kyme takes over the reigns of the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast and goes deep on the first Phantom story "The Singh Brotherhood" with a review that will sure cause a stir among some phans and die hard Falkists. Matt looks over various topical subjects including racism, sexual harassment, what Lee Falk and Ray Moore did brilliantly and even what they did not do well.

Make sure you comment and tell us on social media what you think of this podcast. Do you agree or disagree? We recommend watching it on YouTube as included are funny topical clips / memes and the panels from the story being discussed - it really adds to the experience.

Matt Kyme is no stranger to our podcast with him first joining us in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #69 in discussion with his Phantom tribute character "The Demon". We have also reviewed his "Day at the Races" story which featured in Frew #1850 in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #131.

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