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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #281 - April & May 2024 Comics & News Review

Jermayn Parker and Dan Fraser sit down and discuss the latest Phantom comics and news from April and May 2024. This includes everything Phantom related from around the world including products, comics, publishers, creators, deaths and much more.

In this podcast we review comics from Australia, and Germany plus dissect Phantom related news from Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, India, Australia, Brazil and USA. Some of the news from Europe is amazing.

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If your one of the phans who can only listen to some parts of the podcast, below is a timeline of what we discussed.

Frew (Australia) Phantom Comics

  • Frew #1968: 4 Minutes & 30 Seconds

    • "The Boy Detectives" by Donne Avenell and Georges Bess

  • Frew #1969: 16 Minutes

  • Frew #1970: 24 Minutes

    • The Stolen Rings” by Claes Reimerthi, Daniel Muller and Anthony Spay

    • Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 4: Beyond the Tessani Trail” by Shane Foley

German Phantom Comics:

  • Zauberstern #12: 42 Minutes

    • "Piraten" ("Pirates") by Mark Verheiden and Luke McDonnell

    • "Hass, Teil 1" ("Hate, Part 1") by Mark Verheiden and Luke McDonnell

    • "Eine Löwin für das Phantom" ("The Phantom Lion") by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

Daily / Sunday Newspaper Stories Progress

  • Daily 265: "The Chain": 45 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Sunday 194: "The Commander Will See You Now": 56 Minutes & 30 Seconds

Phantom News From Around the World

  • The Phantom video game updates (link): 1 Hour & 5 Minutes

  • Finnish website released (link): 1 Hour & 8 Minutes

  • 2024 Fantomen Hardcover Collection Announced (link): 1 Hour,16 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Details for #1 and #2 for Denmark HC series by E-Voke (link): 1 Hour, 18 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Fantomen artist Carlos Pedrazzini passing (link): 1 Hour & 20 Minutes

  • Italian publisher ‘Editorial Cosmo’ back publishing the Phantom (link): 1 Hour, 21 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • French publisher ‘Editions Dante’ looking to create their own stories (link): 1 Hour & 23 Minutes

  • ECR Publishers from Germany release next comics (link): 1 Hour & 27 Minutes

  • Irish newspaper The Echo publishing the Phantom in their newspaper (link): 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

  • Norway Free Comic Day event (article to come): 1 Hour & 34 Minutes

  • New Tamil Indian Language comic book series (link): 1 Hour & 36 Minutes

  • Brazilian Lee Falk biography now funded (link): 1 Hour, 37 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Rumours of a new Defenders of the Earth comic book series: 1 Hour, 38 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Items from Ed Rhoades estate being sold on (link): 1 Hour, 39 Minutes & 30 Seconds

  • Matt Kyme on radio giving the Phantom a good plug (link): 1 Hour & 48 Minutes

  • Australian comic convention dates (link): 1 Hour & 49 Minutes

    • Sydney Supanova: Alex Trpcevski, Dean Rankine, Lauren Marshall, and Jamie Johnson

    • Rumours of a release at the convention

You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. We would love some feedback on what we discussed on the podcast and on the following topics:

  • What do you think Frew will do for their 2000th issue?

  • Did you enjoy the modern retake story of the "The Stolen Rings"? Would you like to see more?

  • Would you like to see a collected works edition of Shane Foley's created stories?

  • Which past character or storyline would you like to see Shane Foley and or Matt Kyme explore?

  • Do you like current daily and Sunday stories?

  • Can you handle creators fixing or changing what Lee Falk wrote?

  • Are you collecting these comics and products released around the world?

  • Would you like to see more newly created licensed stories?

  • Do you think the items belonging to Ed Rhoades increases the value?

  • Are you going to any comic conventions this year? If you know of any featuring Phantom related guests, please let us know.

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