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Noir Phantom Lithograph Set by Editions Dante & Artist Willy Hudic

Now available to buy is a Lithograph set by artist Willy Hudic and publishers Editions Dante from France. This lithograph set is limited to only 100 copies with each set costing €45.99. You can purchase the set here on the Editions Dante website.

These lithograph set consist of 9 prints which includes 7 in black and white with the Noir look and feel and 2 in colour. The size is 21cm x 29.7cm with the cover on 350 gsm oaoer stock and the interior pages printed on 250 gsm paper stock.

Included with the set is an A2 sized colour print.

This set is the first licensed Phantom product by artist Willy Hudic who has recent Semic France work behind him.

It is worth mentioning that Editions Dante have other prints and reprint Moonstone TPBs available to purchase from their website.

If anyone is available to review these lithographs for us, please contact us


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