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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #194 - Vale Claes Reimerthi

Every Phantom phan was devastated when they heard the news of Claes Reimerthi passing on the 23 of July 2021. Please read our obituary on the legacy of Claes Reimerthi.

On the podcast the boys (Jermayn Parker, Dan Fraser, Mikael Lyck & Stephen East) spend 90 minutes talking about the great man and his imprint on our hero, The Phantom.

We discuss our lasting memory of Claes and what we think his legacy will be. Other topics are:

  • Our favourite characters he created or developed like: Miss Mist, Lubanga, Sandal Singh, The Butterfly Man and Dogai Singh

  • Who takes over from Claes writing the 22nd Phantom ongoing saga?

We never had the chance to have Claes as a guest on our podcast but you can read an interview with from 2008 here.

If you would like to contribute to a memorial compilation podcast / video, please submit them to

During the podcast we talk about a lot of stories, arcs, characters etc. Below is a list of every story with the Frew and Fantomen publication issue for you to either dig out and read or hunt down a copy. Enjoy!

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