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Game of Life and Dead (Snakes & Ladders) Board Game

A very exciting new high-end Phantom collectible is about to hit the market.

Phans who have been following the progress of The Phantom Art Show as it wends its way around Australia would know that one of the new and very popular pieces on display in Broken Hill is Peter Kingston's giant Snakes and Ladders board game.

Now co-curators Kingston and Dietmar Lederwasch (producers of the wonderful Solander Box collection) are announcing that a small scale version of the game, fully licensed by KFS, will be produced and made available for public sale.

As an art work alone, the playing board is beautifully laid out with classic Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy panels. Thoughtfully, frames depicting happy events send players climbing ladders while encounters with roughnecks and the like will have you tumbling down a snake.

Phantom Snakes and Ladders game board

The general arrangement of the snakes and ladders themselves, and therefore the game-play, has been modeled from a Victorian era set. Put simply, it also works as a functional and enjoyable game for the whole family.

Kingston and Lederwasch will be making the Snakes and Ladders game on demand and in lots of 5 at a time. However, numbers are strictly limited to only 20 copies. You read that right: only twenty of these wonderful items will be created. They are very time consuming and intensive to make, so each one is a definitely a labour of love.

Kingston's work bench with figurines cast and ready for paint

The playing boards will be 49cm x 49cm in size and personally hand crafted by Lederwasch using box board and buckram, and will be signed by Peter Kingston.

As for playing pieces, each game comes with two figurines, lovingly cast in resin and hand painted by Kingston. They range in height from 4-11 cms and fittingly, they will be The Phantom and either a friend or foe. This second figure will vary from set to set and is another way you will know that you have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind item.

As Dietmar says, "all our products are hand cut, moulded, printed, glued, highlighted, drawn, inked, ................ no two items will be identical. Each piece is unique. Each piece is a genuine Art work for you to enjoy and hopefully hand down for generations to come."

Examples of the figurines

Given the workmanship involved and the bespoke nature of the game, the price of only $150 (+ postage) per set represents excellent value. It would not be at all surprising if the 20 games are sold out very quickly indeed.

Contents: 49cm x 49cm game board, dice & holder, and 2 figurines only.

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UPDATE: Sales of the game are paused at this time. While they are extremely gratified at the response and huge demand in the first 24 hours, Dietmar and Peter need time to create the games for orders already placed. Orders will recommence at at date to be advised once current orders have been filled.

Rest assured, we will post on ChronicleChamber when this occurs!

Note: many images on this page are of the original art piece. The replica game board available for sale is the smaller scale version.

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