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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #213 - Random Phantom Phacts

Who loves a good random phact?

Jermayn Parker and Dan Fraser got over 10 random phacts from around the world and have a good chin wag over them. We reckon not one phan will know all 10 and everyone will learn something as you listen or watch this podcast.

Full list of the phacts and sources below.

Here are the random Phantom phacts we highlight during the podcast.

  1. Multiple wives marrying the same Phantom. Lee Falk kept it in the family.

    1. Pura married the 3rd, 4th and 11th Phantom

    2. 1st and 2nd married the same Marabella Christopher Columbus Granddaughter

  2. One of the first comic books published had a cover image of Phantom without the skin tight costume which he fast became famous for (just gloves, mask and briefs)

    1. Learn more about the Brazillian comic here.

  3. The Phantom Club in Australia was run out of the space under a two-story Queenslander in Coorparoo.

    1. X-Band: The Phantom Podcast: Episode #81

    2. Learn more about the Phantom Preservation Project

  4. Name changes from around the World:

    1. In the Indian language Bengali, few renamed characters:

      1. Devil is Bagha

      2. Hero is Tufan which means Storm

      3. The country Bangalla / Bengali is renamed to Denkali

    2. Fantomen in a Swedish newspaper was called Dragos

      1. Mikael will be exploring this in an article for us later

    3. Sala is Diana and Diana is Sala.

      1. Read the full story at this link

  5. Lee Falk only used the Singh Pirates as a significant villain in one story ever

  6. Originally intended to be grey costume, printers decision led to iconic purple

    1. Read the full story at this link

  7. First colonial township ever mentioned in The Phantom was Frasertown, a settlement on the outskirts of the Phantom’s jungle.

  8. Third most credited writer is someone most phans have never heard of and likely never read his stories: Peter Mennigen.

    1. Read an interview with Peter here

  9. Longest running continuous Phantom comic series is not Frew but rather the Fantomen Swedish Christmas Album series which first published in 1944 and is still publishing them yearly.

  10. Lee Falk based the Bandar tribe on the real life African tribe the Ituri

    1. Learn about Ituri and watch a video here

We would love to hear from you on what you think of the Random Phantom Phacts we discussed in this podcast and we hope you have a great time listening to the podcast.

Huge shout out to all those websites and phans who have helped with sources:

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