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Boss Fight Studio's Phantom Wave 1.0 Pre Orders Being Shipped

Great news for everyone who pre ordered with Boss Fight Studio's confirming that all orders are being or have been shipped. The demand has been so great that we have been told it has taken 3+ weeks to ship all orders and they even have had to hire extra employees to send them all out.

If you have not pre ordered, expect them to be hitting comic books stores and other shops inside the next month. If you want to order from a shop, we suggest visiting this page as we list known shops who will stock these around the world.

Charlie Curtis from USA, has already received his and posted them in the flesh on social media. A video review will be posted by Chronicle Chamber when someone from the team gets theirs.

Boss Fight Studio have also announced in 2022 they will be releasing their Wave 1.5 range, plus the 3 inch figurines and 5" Retro 'Power Stars' Figurine Range. You can find out more about them including their proposed release dates with the links below.


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