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New Boss Fight Studio 3 Inch Figurines Available for Pre Order

Boss Fight Studio's have announced a cartoon style 3 inch figurine set due to release in the (USA) summer months which is June, July & August. These King Comics Super Heroes set are not articulated and this release feature 5 from the world of the Phantom and 5 from the world of Flash Gordon. We assume if its successful we may see more posses or characters from maybe Mandrake etc.

This is a different size, style and series from the Hero Hacks version. For those who are wanting to know about the Hero Hacks, they should be out March/April 2022.

To buy via pre order from Boss Fight Studio click here.

The cost is $179US +postage/taxs ($250Au, 160 Euro & 1,650sek/nok). Several stores around the world including Australia will also have pre order packs available - to learn if there is a store around you that likely will get these in visit this link.

The pre order is for 18 of these figurines in a 'blind bag'. A blind bag means each figurine will be hidden in a non clear bag and you can only know what you have by opening it. It is ver popular at the moment with kids from around the world. Anyone with kids or grandkids under teenage years have likely already opened a few with them before.

Blind bag toys are designed to surprise, delight and maybe even cause a few to groan as they get something they already have. However for many phans, we just want a complete set and especially the five Phantom figurines.

The way around that is each box of 18 will contain a set of 10 and 8 others will be 'doubles'.

Characters include Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless, Prince Thun, Phantom (Blue), Diana Palmer, King Vultan, Dale Arden, Phantom (Purple), Phantom in Disguise, and Devil.

I really like how the Phantom is in two different poses, it would have been much easier to come up with the same pose but it shows love and care to the character and fans. Devil also looks like a wolf and not some corgi or german shepherd dog which is another good sign.

Will you be pre ordering a box pack of 18 from Boss Fight Studio or from your local dealer? Or will you wait and buy singular packs?


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