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Boss Fight Studio Also Announces New 5" Retro 'Power Stars' Figurine Range

It has been a busy last few weeks for Boss Fight Studio's. On top of the Hero HACKS range very close to being released, they announced their cartoon style 3" blind bag range and now today a new 5" retro 'Power Stars' range.

The Hero HACKS should be made available in March/April 2022. The 3" set out in July/August 2022 and his Power Stars set available in October/November 2022. It is going to be a busy 2022 for Phantom collectors with the NECA Original Superhero's range out now as well.

These are one inch larger than their Hero HACKS range and almost double the size of their blind bag range. However they only feature seven points of articulation but all the nostalgia. The guns also can go in their holster and hands. No preview yet on the packaging design.

To pre order any of these figurine sets click the below links:

Note: the pre order for the HERO HACKS has been closed.


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