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NECA "Original Superhero's" Figurines Now Available for Sale

Back in November the figurines were announced by NECA and they are now available for sale in Walmart. NECA has a contract with Walmart and it will be available in other stories after a month or two.

Eagle eyed fans will notice that the design of the figurine looks very similar as the Defenders of the Earth figurine (our review can be found here). The tooling is the same with different paint work like the strip jocks, box design and accessories.

The Phantom features glow-in-the-dark eyes and includes interchangeable hands, two handguns, two detachable muzzle flashes, whip, and Oath Skull. Flash and Ming include interchangeable heads and hands, a laser blaster with two detachable effects, and a sword that fits into a sheath on the belt.

Note that the box is not tattered or damaged but designed like that.

Will you be getting another figurine set? Will you also get the Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless sets also?

No word yet on the second wave of the Defenders of the Earth line if Mandrake or Lothar will get produced. Also no word if any other Phantom figurines will be produced in this "Original Superhero" series.


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