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Another Phantom Podcast to Hit the Airwaves 15th February 2022

It could be argued that a sign that the Phantom is becoming more popular is the fact that X-Band: The Phantom Podcast is no longer the only Phantom podcast out there.

On top of X-Band and Bradleigh's PhantomCave podcasts, there is now a third podcast that will release their first podcast on 15th February 2022.

The team consists of Maria Lewis, Elise Cooper from Nova Podcasts and it must be said, they are a professional bunch with their pods recorded in a studio, using cool sound effects and not spread out across Australia and in cars while not keeping the family awake like us :)

You can listen to them via your favourite podcast player like Spotify, iTunes and of course Nova Brisbane's website.

Are they real phans some have asked? Only one way to find out and either way their podcast will add to the Phantom noise online and we phans and new fans will enjoy it.

You can follow Maria Lewis at her Twitter.


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