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Final Preparations for The Bunker Cartoon Gallery

With less than five days till the opening of the Phantom Art Show in Coffs Harbour, hosts The Bunker Cartoon Gallery are in the final stages of planning and preparations!

The first images of the transformed Bunker entrance has come to light, and it looks pretty special. This photo (below) has appeared on the Kit Walker - Phantom Art Show Facebook page, together with the following caption "... the giant skull starts to take shape at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour, something to rival the Big Banana."

The Bunker Cartoon Gallery ... Skull Cave?

Friday's opening is shaping as one of the greatest Phantom-themed parties in Australia in recent memory. For all the details, check out our post from a couple of weeks ago.

For a stunning Deep Woods experience, the chance to meet and mingle with some of Australia's greatest artists and phans alike, and an evening devoted to exploring the exhibition, you just cannot go wrong.

ChronicleChamber will be attending and will of course report on the event, but there is nothing like being there for yourself. If you can make it, get there!

Fewer than 120 total tickets are available, and they have been selling steadily since the invitation was released. Tickets to the event are $30 per person. Please note that bookings beforehand are essential and numbers are becoming extremely scarce.

To reserve your place, you can call in at The Bunker, phone 6651 7343 or click on the link to Sticky Tickets Phantom Art Show.

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