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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #125 - Interview with Sal Velluto

The team of Chronicle Chamber chat with Sal Velluto, an Italian American artist who we have admired ever since his work first graced a Fantomen / Frew comic. One thing we were surprised at was he has only been doing Phantom comics, covers and images for 12 years, yet he feels like an elder statesmen who has been at it for years.

We learn all about Sal, from growing up in Italy and reading Fratelli Spada comics to working on comics around the world from Egmont / Frew and Hermes Press. Three continents and two hemispheres.

We ask questions about the fateful Hermes Press comic book series and gain an amazing insight into those delays plus learn so much more including how Massimo Gamberi and Angelo Todaro drew comics and covers for Frew.

It may be a three hour listen but you will be glued to your earphones eagerly listening even if one of the team falls asleep half way through.

Enjoy and as always, Happy Phantoming!

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