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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #142 - Chat with Graham Nolan

A huge honour to chat with Graham Nolan who is a modern day legend in the comics field with credits at both DC and Marvel and is mostly known for his Batman work including the co-creation of Bane, the villain in the world of Batman.

As you will find out in the following podcast, there is much more to Graham Nolan that his Batman work including a legacy of the Phantom phandom passed on by his mother at a young age.

Graham's Phantom work includes the Sunday newspaper strip adventures, writing Phantom stories for the newspaper strip and Egmont, covers for Moonstone, Hermes & Fantomen and of course the Frew Gallery Trading Series 1 and 2.

We also touch upon two great subjects regarding his retirement from the Sunday newspaper stories and two panels that caused some angst among certain phans.

You will enjoy gaining an insight into this modern day comics legend!

This video was recorded using a different software than our normal software hence the different style of the video. Hope you enjoy it.

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