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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #126 - An Interview with Alex Saviuk

In this episode we are excited to be joined by the one and only Alex Saviuk.

Alex is an accomplished and experienced Phantom artist, and in fact boasts the extraordinary achievement of having worked for the greatest variety of The Phantom publishers of any artist in history! His Phantom credits (both covers and stories) include: Marvel, Egmont, Moonstone, Lightning Strike Comics, Frew, Hermes Press, and even the King Features' syndicated Sunday strip!

Over the course of this extensive and expansive conversation, we talk about all of those publishers and more!

As luck would have it, this chat was recorded immediately after the announcement of the end of the Spider-Man strip (both Dailys and Sundays will finish with the conclusion of the current stories, mid-March 2019), and it fascinating to hear directly from a key creator of that strip at this sad time.

We also talked about the Rainbow flag story The Golden Eagleand other topics like working with Stan Lee for over 20 years and much more.

As you would expect with a Phantom career 30+ years, this is a mammoth podcast to listen too. Get that cuppa and get ready for one of the best podcast interviews with a Phantom creator you will likely ever hear.

As always - Happy Phantoming!

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