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Reflections on Boss Fight Studio Pre Order Video

Did you watch the video that was live on Boss Fight Studio's Facebook page on Thursday 7 August 2020 at 7pm PDT time (8am Friday 8 August EST Australia time)?

They officially announced the first wave and most of the second wave of the Phantom series plus much more tidbits which we will go over below. You can watch the video here. Most of the Phantom content is from the 23 minutes mark on wards. If you would like to watch more including seeing a prototype of the figurine, we recommend the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #146 with the video of the podcast at the bottom of this article.

The biggest take away is that for us to get more cool Phantom stuff and more waves we need to pre order as that gives them a better idea on what will make them money and then they can spend more time on that line making cool things. For example the horse took the sculptures over a year of work and they will only put in that time if the line is successful.

Pre ordering for the Phantom 1st wave will begin on Thursday, 20th August *

*Please note: This date may change.

The first wave will have three Phantoms:

  1. Blue Julie Walker as the Phantom

  2. 21st Phantom in purple

  3. Phantom with Hero in grey(gray)

The second wave will include:

  1. 11th Phantom in unknown colour

  2. Singh Pirate with multiple heads and gear so you could buy several and have multiple pirates for the Phantom to fight.

In each wave there is likely to be different colours for Boss Hero Fights to fulfill the rainbow of Phantoms with maybe slight variations to the figurines. Also the Phantom generations wont be released in generational order like 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc but will be scattered.

Some of the questions asked and answered where:

  • Maybe a 2040 and Billy Zane Phantom. Erik Arana is very keen on both.

  • If pre orders and orders are successful will determine if we get a Phantom lunchbox.

Thanks to Erik and the guys and girls at Boss Fight Studios for producing an awesome articulated figurine we can actually be proud of. If you want to learn more about past Phantom figurines, go and read this article here.

Are you keen to be ordering some Phantom figurines? Will you be pre ordering?


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