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When Lightning Strikes, The Phantom Returns

The veil of secrecy has been lifted - The Phantom will return via Lightning Strike Comic Books!

​When we reported Lightning Strike's Facebook teaser image last month (right), we were all very confident that the "New Adventure" would be a Phantom story.

Today that has been definitively proven to be the case.

On their Facebook page today, Lightning Strike posted the main image at the bottom of this page, together with this statement:

Lightning Strike Comics are pleased to announce following the approval of King Features Syndicate the production of a new and original Phantom story set to be released this May. We will be announcing the full creative team next week..

For those who came in late, Lightning Strike Comic Books is an independent comic book label located in Dublin, Ireland. In 2016 they celebrated the 80th Anniversary year by publishing a short The Phantom comic book for the Dublin Comic Convention.

Clearly that single issue was a success, and it is wonderful to see the commitment to return to the popular character.

A number of questions spring to mind:

  • It remains to be seen what type of book the team will be creating. Last year it was a compilation of short and very short stories. Will this be a similar collection, or can we assume that the use of the singular verbs "Adventure" and "Story" (not "Adventures" or "Stories") means that this will be one, longer narrative?

  • Will this be the beginning of an on-going story arc, or will it be a one-shot?

  • And just might we be witnessing the origin of a whole new publishing arm of The Phantom, with Lightning Strike to join Frew, Egmont, Dynamite and Hermes Press in publishing regular stories?

ChronicleChamber have been in contact with the good folk at Lightning Strike Comic Books, and we will update you as soon as we know more.

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