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Review of Fantomen 2022/4

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews the latest Fantomen issue - 2022/4 which features the following stories:

  • "Djungelutmaningen" ("The Jungle Trek") by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

  • "Häxan" ("The Witch") by Ulf Granberg and Özcan Eralp

A pretty cool iconic cover by the talented Henrik Sahlström. This is issue 1700 of Fantomen, quite a big number! It is still shy of Frew number 1910.

The issue features two Phantom stories; The Jungle Trek, daily from 2006 that has not been published in a comic book in Sweden earlier. Written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan.

The twins are growing up and The Phantom wants to see if they can manage different things in the jungle. For me this is around the time in my opinion the daily stories really started to get good after a long mediocre period.

Second story is a reprint of The Witch, created by Ulf Granburg and Özcan Eralp. This story was first published in 1977 in Sweden and has never been published in English. The title of the story is a bit boring and it is in black and white, but look past all of that and it is quite a decent story.

Then there is also a memorial text honouring Germano Ferri who has done quite a lot of Phantom work.

Next issue will contain a story which has art and story done by Joan Boix and a Lee Falk, Sy Barry classic, looking forward to that!

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