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Phinally a New Phantom Movie - UPDATE

Further to the breaking news (below), the trailer for CHOLOMAN OSHORIRI-The Ghost Who Walks has been released on YouTube. Enjoy!


10th October - Jermayn

By now you would have seen the news from Facebook about the new Indian Bengali short film that will be released in November 2017. While some are viewing it with some hesitation the team at Chronicle Chamber is excited and we have spent some time communicating with the director and team behind this.

Some news is kind of sketchy at the moment so let's inform you what we have learnt so far.

This is not a big Hollywood production that some of us have been hoping for and which one day sooner than later become reality with some news trickling through the last couple of months.

This is a legacy movie detailing the mythos and how the character came about instead of based in the 1500’s, it is based in todays modern world. This is done mainly due to budget restraints that it is easier and cheaper to do a story in todays world than the 1500’s. From what I understand this is the end of the differences. So you will see Kit Walker in 2016 after seeing his father murdered by pirates.

Christopher Standish, the 28 year old co-runner of "Walker Foundation" an NGO from Kolkata sets out to the interiors of the coastal mangrove forests of Bengal to supply free medicine to the tribals. On the way their boat gets attacked by cross border pirates and Chris' father is killed in an attempt to save his son. Thrown overboard Chris ends up in Bandar and is nursed back to health by the tribal quack Shukhiya Guran. In agony and anger of his father's death Chris swears on the skull of his father's assassin to end all evil and destroys all identities of Christopher Standish. Adopting the alias of Kit Walker and equipped with an advanced battle armour, Kit becomes the first Phantom.

Basically it is directed, acted and filmed by a bunch of theatre and film students. Sagardeep Roy plays Christopher Standish/Kit Walker/Betaal. Betaal is the Phantoms name in Bengali which is a state in India and is the closest name to the Phantoms home country off Bengalla.

The FIlm group released a film about the origin story of another very popular bengali character called Feluda on its 50th year of publishing, which had managed to find a solid audience and was appreciated. They then realised Phantom was heading for its 80th Anniversary and the rest s history.

As with their release of Feluda, the Phantoms movie will be released on the web via youtube and facebook and will be having English subtitles for the phans who do not speak the local language. Down the track English dubbing will be made available.

No news yet if it will be released via DVD but with it released on the web, everyone will be able to and enjoy it as soon as it is released.

Again this is a fan made short film movie, made by phans of the character. It is NOT licensed due to budget restraints and While this is made in India, there will be no Bollywood style mass songs, so you will not see our hero dancing up a number. It will be action. No word yet on the length of the movie.

We will post all news as it comes to light including a review once its released in November.

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