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Fancy Milk: Local Finnish Brewery Releases Phantom Themed Beer

Maku Brewing a local brewery from Tuusula, Finland has released a new beer which is available to be purchased from their website now plus after Midsummer in nationwide shops.

There are four designs to collect and each can is 2,70€ ($5Au, $3US, 35 sek/nok & 245INR).

The beer is titled Musta Naamio Golden Ale, which translates to "Black Mask". Finland has also recently seen a new Phantom publication which you can watch the review of here.

The company details the beer with an alchool level of 4.5% and is a very simple and straight line, golden yellow surface yeast. A balanced amount of mild sweetness in the light malt and the light citrusiness. Crispy, dry and very strong drinkable!

We will bring a review of the beer soon including the best ways to import the beer to your own fridge.


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