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Review of Mustanaamio Karpaattien Vampyyri TPB

Presenting our review of the Mustanaamio Karpaattien Vampyyri TPB which is now out with the stories included:

  • "Sir Phantom - Knight of the Round Table" by Ulf Granberg and Jaime Vallvé

  • "The Vampire in Carpatia" by Ulf Granberg and Jaime Vallvé

  • "The Treasure in the Castle" by Idi Kharelli and Jaime Vallvé

  • "The Prisoner at Capitolium" by Idi Kharelli and Jaime Vallvé

Some phans may recognise the cover which is touched up from the Mustanaamio 10/1976 issue. It is part of the popular soft cover album series which Fantomen, Fantomet and Mustanaamio have released since 2016.

Two of these stories "The Treasure in the Castle" and "The Prisoner at Capitolium" have not been published by Frew yet.

All four stories have been drawn by Jaime Vallvé and written by Jaime Vallvé, Ulf Granberg and Idi Kharelli.

Petri Aarnio and Siiri Salokannel (both pictured left) are the designers of the book and have done a great job. Storyhouse Egmont is the publisher.

Petri and Siiri have touched up various parts of the story. A great example is the above image. The far left is the original from Fantomen. The middle is the original Mustanaamio issue and the far right is from the Mustanaamio Karpaattien Vampyyri TPB.

The stories is printed on matt thick paper with a shiny cover which you can see the reflection on the video review.

Thanks to publisher Petri Aarnio for supplying us with a copy of the TPB to review.


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