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Mythos Announces Phantom Publications for 2024

On December 8th, Brazilian publisher Mythos made its traditional announcement of publications for next year. For those who came in late, Mythos returned to publishing the Phantom in 2019, ending a long gap for the character in Brazil, with different formats.

From 2022 onwards, the publisher has opted for the omnibus format to publish the adventures of the Ghost Who Walks. To date, four omnibi have been published compiling daily strips with art by Ray Moore (D001 to D015) and Sy Barry (D082 to D094) in chronological order, with two volumes for each of the artists.

Four more volumes are planned for 2024: two with stories illustrated by Sy Barry and two with illustrations by Wilson McCoy, one of which should feature the daily strips that were illustrated by Moore after McCoy took over the art (D026 and D027).

So far, there has been no statement from Mythos regarding possible volumes containing the sunday strips, but during the broadcast of the advertisements, the editor highlighted the possibility of an omnibus with recent and colorful stories.

As soon as we have more information, we will share it with our friends at the Chronicle Chamber.

You can watch the original YouTube video here.

Editor's Note: Thank you to Glaucio Cardoso for his report on the latest news from Brazil. You can follow all news from the Phantom in Brazil by his YouTube Channel and social media.


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