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What is Happening with Mythos?

Mythos started with a bang in July 2019 bring out Phantom comics again. Their first comic issue featured a brilliant cover by popular Brazilian artist Alexandre Jubran with not one but two new Team Fantomen stories.

The Team Fantomen stories were from 2015 to 2016 and surprisingly started off with a story featuring Sandal Singh and her birth of Nadir who may or may not be the 21st Phantoms child. It is a very weird way to start a new series. Especially when you think that majority of the readers would have no idea of the storyline and backstory. After a unique first issue cover, they then started using rebadged Fantomen covers.

After two years for some reason in the regular O Fantasma series they have decided to publish newspaper stories instead. I find it weird as they also currently have their own separate series Crônicas do Fantasma which already print classic newspaper stories originally published in the 1940's and 1950's.

Is there a reason for this? Am I the only one who finds it all a bit weird?

It would be interesting to learn why Mythos have switched to just newspaper stories and not continue with the Team Fantomen stories. From what I have seen talking to phans & on social media, the Team Fantomen stories were fairly well received. Is it a case of finances were publishing them is more expensive? Does this mean that the series was not making enough money?

Are you a Mythos comic reader? What do you think about the move away from Team Fantomen stories? Did you enjoy them? Would you like to see them return to these stories?

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