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Comic Giant Don Perlin Passes

Don Perlin may not be known to some Phantom phans but he was a comic giant in the comic industry who sadly passed this week in May 2024.

His comic work started in 1951 pencilling on Will Eisner's "The Spirit". All together he worked in the field for over 50 years.

Don was most famous for his work with Marvel Comics, who worked on the big named comics like 'The Amazing Spiderman,' 'Ironman,' 'The Incredible Hulk,' and 'Thor' as well as many other titled like 'Ghost Rider,' 'Werewolf by Night,' 'The Defenders,' 'Captain America,' 'The Sub-Mariner,' 'Transformers,' 'Man-Thing,' 'Conan the Barbarian' and was co-creator of 'Moon Knight.'

Along with that he also worked for DC, Charlton and Egmont creating two Team Fantomen stories "The Bengali Triangle" (published in Fantomen 13/2002) and "Lethal Cargo" (published in Fantomen 22/2001 and Frew #1305).

Interestingly, "The Bengali Triangle" has not yet been published by Frew.

Obviously as a Phantom news site we are going to focus mainly on his Phantom work.

Along with the two Team Fantomen comics, he drew a trading card in the Gallery Series 2 plus a comic cover for Moonstone comic cover issue #21 (right).

This cover was an exclusive variant cover. The Exclusive edition was produced in cooperation with Comic Collector Live and was limited to only 300 copies. We are told that 10% of the proceeds for each issue sold, plus 30 copies of the issue and the original cover artwork were also donated to a charity. A great cause and shows plenty about Don Perlin.

One of the interesting things I found looking into his legacy is the possibility of Don working on other Phantom stories during his time for Charlton.

Some Charlton Phantom stories still have unknown artists credited as the artist. Could Don Perlin be one of them?

We thank Don Perlin for his work on our hero, plus the wider comics industry and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends left behind.


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