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Changes ahead at Mythos (Brazil Phantom Publisher)

Brazilian publisher Mythos recently announced editorial changes to their Phantom titles.

Since 2019, Mythos has been publishing the Phantom in Brazil again, after a considerable period in which the character was absent from publications in the country, making a bold investment in the character with more than one comic line.

The periodic were:

  • Crônicas do Fantasma” (The Phantom Chronicles): With stories from the daily and Sunday comics written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy.

  • O Fantasma” (The Phantom) – Initially with stories from Team Fantomen (#1 through #8) and then with stories from the most recent newspaper adventures (#9 through #12).

Mythos has also published special hardbacks ("Danger in the Forbidden City” and “Jim Aparo's Complete Charlton Comics”) in addition to an Avon book “The Scorpia Menace”.

But now Mythos has announced changes.

The “Chronicles of the Phantom” comic series will continue to be published in the same format (15.5 x 21 cm) and publishing the character's classic stories. However unfortunately, “The Phantom” comic title has been discontinued for more than one reason.

Firstly, the title sells less than “Chronicles of the Phantom”. A lot of Brazilian readers were divided over this publication, as some refused to read the Swedish stories on the grounds that they were not written by Lee Falk. Others preferred the Swedish stories because they were new and more interesting.

Another main reason is the country's economic crisis, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic and uncertainties in the political scenario, which affects the distribution of magazines across the country and also forces consumers to cut spending.

According to information from the marketing department of Mythos, from 2022 the publisher will release a new title "The Phantom", with the proposal to publish a bound larger comic with a greater number of pages and with closed arcs of stories from Ghost Who Walks.

This has excited many Brazilian fans, as they may get to see newspaper stories like “The Death of Diana Palmer Walker” and the stories featuring bad guys like Nomad and Python.

The Fantasma Brasil Channel will be helping Mythos with editorials for future comics and as soon as we have additional information, we will share it with the entire phan community including here.


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