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Reviewing the 2019 Frew Annual - The Phantom at War

Have you read the 2019 Frew Annual yet? Every single page contributes to a great collection of past classic and new stories. It's a well printed volume filled with content from great storytelling masters, all wrapped up in a stunning and eye-catching cover. Well done Frew and all the creators!

We loved the Annual so much we decided to do an early video review. Join us as we go through every story in detail looking at what was well done and what missed the mark (spoiler - not much missed).

Please note that in the video we do discuss the stories (plot and artwork) and show spoilers about each story, so you have been warned if you have not yet read through the volume.

Rest assured, we will still review the Annual and each story in even greater detail in an up-coming Comics & News podcast.

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