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X Band: Episode #85 - Into the Frewniverse

You asked so we answered!

In this episode of X-Band, the ChronicleChamber team is delighted to spend a couple of hours speaking with the publisher of Phantom comics in Australia - Glenn Ford.

We last spoke to Glenn on Episode 33, almost exactly two years ago, and so much has changed since then! To find out about the phan, the creator and the artist, go back and listen to that one. To find out about Frew Publications - listen to this one!

It's a monster recording, but only because we covered so much territory. Glenn really is an open book, and shares with us lots of ideas from throughout the Frewniverse:

  • The process of taking over Frew Publications, and the reaction from phans to the new Frew Crew.

  • The legacy of Jim Shepherd

  • Impact of changes the Frew Crew have brought in

  • General operations at Frew, and future plans - including new concept comics

  • Relationships with King Features, as well as with Local Comic Store owners

  • Insights into the 2018 Annual, with revelations about the theme and included giveaways

  • Upcoming products from Frew - so many cool things!!

  • Reasoning behind and goals for Phantom’s World and Giantsize

  • Thoughts on the impact of Kid Phantom, and a few insights into upcoming issues

  • Artists posting commissioned Phantom work on social media

  • New stories commissioned by Frew, with Australian and international creators

  • Release of trade paperbacks

  • Plans for Heart of Darkness and Phantom by Gaslight

  • The dream of international distribution

And of course, we also had to quiz Glenn a little on Phanfare!

  • Plans for more jigsaw puzzles

  • The phantastic life-size bust

  • Upcoming products

  • Cave gear – a "man cave" sub-line from Phanfare

And finally, Jermayn couldn't miss the opportunity to ask:

It's a long one, but it's totally worthwhile. Fascinating listening, we know you will enjoy - you may even have to listen to it twice to get your head around everything!!

Happy Phantoming!

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