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FREW Bags and Boards

FREW Publications will shortly announce the release of their own bags and boards for Phantom comic collectors.

Most diehard comic collectors are familiar with the painstaking but satisfying process of bagging and boarding their collection.

Phantom phans in particular have been known to have long discussions about the merits of bagging and boarding, and the best methods and products to use.

In a canny retail move, Frew will look to capture some of this market by producing their own bags and boards.

Sourced from an existing bag/board manufacturer, the Frew product will be unique in that they will be clearly labelled "FREW".

According to Glenn Ford, the "bags are all golden age size which will fit an Annual - but you need the smaller silver age board to fit all snugly."

The bags and boards will be available from Frew's website soon.

The ChronicleChamber team discuss the product on the upcoming X-Band podcast, due for publication over the weekend.

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