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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #274 - Andreas Eriksson The Writer

Jermayn Parker goes one on one with Andreas Eriksson who wears multiple hats when it comes to the Phantom. He writes stories, he is a phan, he edits comics for Fantomen and even helps edit Phantom Wiki. We have chatted with him about his journey as a phan and editor before and now we focus on the stories he has written for Frew, Fantomen and Lightning Strikes.

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We go over some generic creator style questions like which was his first story he ever wrote, the 10 year journey of getting that story accepted, which Phantom and other creators inspire him plus other insights into how he writes his story including a story of finding inspiration during a multi hour drive.

We ask Andreas Eriksson if he is planning on taking the role of the 22nd Phantom saga with the 21st Phantom being missing and Sandal Singh's love child. Another interesting topic is about incorporating the newspaper Daily and Sunday stories in our newly created Fantomen and Frew stories.

We then go over each one of his 6 stories in greater detail including for those YouTube viewers you will be able to read and view the stories while we discuss them with Andreas.

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