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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #201 - Editor Andreas Eriksson & Fantomen 2022

Fantomen editor Andreas Eriksson joins us in episode #201. He introduces himself, his role and how its different to past editor Mikael Sol (His interview in episode #116).

After that Andreas goes through what we readers can expect for Fantomen 2022 which includes a new publication released in the first half of next year plus many more tid bits that should excite every reader and phan. One of the cool things was that some past creators will be back - who would you like to see return creating stories for Fantomen?

We in total over 20 questions ranging from Sandal Singh, the fatherhood dilemma of Nadir, who will take over from Claes Reimerthi and the Phantoms diversity.

If two hours is too long for you, below is a list of topics that was discussed including their time stamps for you to pick and choose:

How you became a Phantom phan: 3 Minutes

History with Fantomen and your past roles: 5 Minutes

Black and white and or colour Fantomen: 16 Minutes 30 Seconds

Most favourite story: 18 Minutes

Timeline filling in for Mikael Sol in the past: 20 Minutes

Difference between Mikael Sols job role and yours: 30 Minutes

Why Sandal Singh is good for the Phantom: 35 Minutes

Is Nadir The Phantoms Son?: 40 Minutes

What is to come in Fantomen? 2022: 44 Minutes

- Will 2022 be the same amount of issues?: 45 Minutes

- Will there be the same softcover album and christmas album?: 46 Minutes

- A new publication for Fantomen 2022: 47 Minutes 30 Seconds

- The 22nd Phantom saga: 55 Minutes 30 Seconds

- A Phantom Bible: 1 Hour 9 Minutes

- New Phantom stories for 2022?: 1 Hour 12 Minutes

- Any new creators?: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

- The 1000th Fantomen created story: 1 Hour 28 Minutes 30 Seconds

- Will you ever publish a whole black and white fantomen comic again?: 1 Hour 31 Minutes 30 Seconds

Other Random Fantomen questions

- Who will take over from Claes Reimerthi?: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

- We will ever see a return of extras (supplements) in our Fantomen?: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

- Does the Phantom need to be more diverse or have more diverse characters?: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

- What do you do if there is a continuity issue?: 1 hour 48 Minutes

- Process with KFS: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

- What do you want your legacy to be?: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

- About Jacob Habinc: 2 Hours

We would love to hear from you on what you think of what we discussed with Andreas Eriksson. and we hope you have a great time listening to the podcast.

If you want to listen to our past podcast with Andreas 7 years ago in August 2014, an audio player is attached:

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