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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #243 - Previewing Fantomen 2023

Jermayn Parker is the odd man out as he is joined not by one, or even two but three Swedes in Mikael Lyck, Andreas Eriksson and Jacob Habinc. For Those Who Came In Late: Andreas and Jacob are the editors for Fantomen and they give what we can look forward to for the year 2023. Mikael Lyck helps drill the two editors and we manage to get several exclusives from the editorial team.

We start off by learning about Jacob Habinc and Andreas Eriksson and their histories with the comic and their roles as joint editors for the magazine.

We then ask the questions about Fantomen 2023 and what we can expect. They will release the same amount of issues with the same amount of pages and a Christmas album and softcover album.

The best news is that we will see another hardcover collection book like we saw in 2022 with the Heart of Darkness book. They gave us one clue which is that the stories are Team Fantomen and drawn and written by the same creators. We think we have an idea of the theme, do you? Let us know in the comments or on socials.

Some of the other topics we touch upon are the future of the magazine, subscription and printing numbers, some of the new and or returning creators we will see in 2023 like Sal Velluto, Rafael Ruiz, Phillip Madden, David Bishop and Anna Weatherley.

One interesting subject was how and why they select Frew stories to print in their own magazines. The other interesting path was how they plan to go ahead with the Sandal Singh and 22nd Phantom plots and how the death of Claes Reimerthi has caused them to rethink the future of the storylines.

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