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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #246 - March 2023 Comics & News

The team Dan Fraser, Jermayn Parker and Stephen East are all together as they attempt to go through months comic reviews and news from around the world under two hours. Even in a quiet month, they still find a lot to talk about. we would love to hear your opinions as well.

If your one of the phans who can only listen to some parts of the podcast, below is a timeline of what we discussed.

Frew Publications Comics Review

  • Frew #1939: 3 Minutes

    • "The Lord of the Dragon" by unknown creator and Senio Pratesi

    • "The Strange Day of the Witch Men, Part 2" by Shane Foley

  • Frew #1940: 19 Minutes

    • "Attack on the Jungle Hospital" by Claes Reimerthi and Janusz Ordon

      • For Those Who Came In Late Video on this series (link)

    • Said the Joker to the Thief” by Paul Mason

  • Giant Size #24: 57 Minutes 30 Minutes

    • Little Girl” by Lee Falk and Sy Barry

Fantomen Magazine Comics Review

  • Fantomen 4/2023: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

    • "Kit & Katya" by Philip Madden and Janusz Ordon

  • Fantomen 5/2023: 1 Hour 6 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • "De vandödas näste" ("Nest of the Undead") by Pidde Andersson and Joan Boix

  • Fantomen 6-7/2023: 1 Hour 7 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • "Belle époque, del 2: På takåsarna i Paris" ("On the Roofs of Paris") by Pidde Andersson and Percy Ochoa

    • "Fredsmäklaren" ("The Albee") by Lee Falk, George Olesen, and Keith Williams

Zauberstern Comics Review

  • Zauberstern #5: 1 Hour 11 Minutes

    • "Die Rückkehr des dunklen Ostens, Teil 1" ("Return of The Eastern Dark Part 1") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

    • "Die Rückkehr des dunklen Ostens, Teil 2" ("Return of The Eastern Dark Part 2") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

    • "Internationale Gewässer" ("International Waters") by Mike Bullock and Fernando Peniche

    • "Götterdämmerung, Teil 1" ("Godfall, Part 1") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

Daily / Sunday Newspaper Stories Progress

  • Daily 263: "Dungeons Undone": 1 Hour 14 Minutes

  • Sunday 193: "Return of the Temple of the Gods": 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Phantom News From Around the World

  • Autumn / Spring Patreon Prize Draw: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

  • Free shipping for Australian / New Zealand buyers of the card game (link): 1 Hour 35 Minutes

  • Limited Edition Henrik Sahlstrom prints (link): 1 Hour 37 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Shatki publishing Sy Barry stories (link): 1 Hour 41 Minutes

  • Reapers Quest / Wulfric Media relinquishing their license (link): 1 Hour 44 Minutes

    • Selling singular jewellery boxes (link)

  • Vote for the best cover and story for Fantomen 2022 (link & link): 1 Hour 50 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Matt Kyme writing a prequel to the very first Phantom story (link): 1 Hour 52 Minutes

  • Joe Giella Death: 1 Hour 53 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • Reprint of Ed Rhoades interview will be reposted first week of April.

You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. We would love some feedback on what we discussed on the podcast and on the following topics:

  • Did you enjoy the 22nd Phantom saga?

  • Would you like to see more of the Spada created stories?

  • Did you buy any of the Reapers Quest rings or products?

  • Have you purchase the Henrik Salhstrom prints?

Make sure you stay with us and do not forget to subscribe and leave a review on our podcast and or our YouTube Channel.


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