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For Those Who Came In Late... "The 22nd Phantom Saga"

It has been three years since the Australian publisher Frew Publications printed the last of the 22nd Phantom series in their comic.

So far Frew have printed 7 stories from the series. Fantomen is ahead and have printed four more stories which is likely what Frew readers will get in 2023.

We chatted with the Fantomen editors in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #243 and there are no new parts planned or being worked on at this stage. If you would like to see more, leave a comment.

For Those Who Have Come In Late or just forgotten we will go over what has happened in the past 7 stories. Mikael Lyck who has also joined us will then tease what we can expect in the next four parts without giving anything away.

Story 1 - The Empty Throne:

We are presented with an empty skull throne. The 21st Phantom is missing with Hero and Devil and the twins are not talking to each other. Guran is worried and Bangalla is wrecked and laid in ruins.

Story 2 - Baptism of Fire:

Hero is found and the twins start to work together including behaving more like the Phantom. Related the Jungle Patrol are off investigating missing archaeologists

Story 3 - The Man in the Shadows:

It gets worse. Old Man Mozz has lost his vision & Colonel Worubu is kidnapped. Heloise and Kit work together to both be the Phantom at the same time. Heloise fights Lubanga who has more lives than a cat.

Story 4 - Shadows over Singhtown:

Introduced to Sandal Singh, leader of Singhtown, the old Sanloi city. We also see Diana for the first time in this saga who is battling her own battles in the UN. We learn why the Phantom and Diana are separated as she learns off Nadir who may be the Phantom’s son.

Story 5 - in the Shadow of the Enemy:

Kit visits Singhtown to follow up a lead on his Dad. Heloise visits Morristown after a visit from Old Man Mozz. We also see Sarah Cartwright and Luaga who are battling against gangs to keep their doctors' practice functioning.

Story 6 - Gauntlet with Death:

Kit falls into a Singh trap and meets Sandal and has to go through an epic Lee Falk style fighting test which he meets that would make the 21st Phantom happy. Eagle eyed phans will recognise some elements from “Ragons Game”. Diana makes her way into Bangalla and meets with Sarah and Luaga after quitting / being stood down from the UN.

Story 7 - A Family Affair:

Kit rescues Sandal from a Singh revolution with help from Jasmine (could there be a romantic angle here?) and Heloise with help from Sarah, Diana and Luaga get out from Bababu’s grasp. Diana is now reunited with her kids after a long period. We also see that the Vultures are somehow involved?

We will properly review each new story in our comics and news podcasts but Mikael, can you please tease for us what can we expect?

We will continue to see internal struggles between evil forces over who will rule Bangalla. Moz also gets a vision of worse things to come. At the end of story 8 which is out in Frew #1940 we see two big shocks including a death.

The twins also go to the states. While Diana stays in and fights in Bangalla, then they switch places.

There is a new bad guy introduced that I really enjoy in the last two parts.

The one thing I really do not like is that it ends very unconcluded and screams for more parts. Will we see them? Maybe but it will require us phans to communicate with Fantomen and Frew that we want to see more.

Who is excited?


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