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10 minute recap of the first 22nd Phantom saga

Thursday 9 April 2020, Frew Publications are releasing the next story in the 22nd Phantom saga which has seen the 21st Phantom mysteriously disappear and Bengalla in turmoil with an earthquake and tsunami destroying much of the country.

The 21st Phantom is nowhere to see. Kit and Heloise don't like each other. General Bababua and Lubanga are back. There is unrest between many tribes in the Jungle which sees the peace of the Golden Ox at breaking point.

Frew will be publishing FOUR parts in the next part of the ongoing saga which was last published in 2017. This video is to help you get a recap of the first three stories.

Only 10 minutes in length along with some questions we have about the next four parts and we touch upon how this future arc can fit in your Phantom universe along with some clues on how to identify just how far into the future this is to happen.

We have reviewed the first three stories in a longer and more detailed podcast which you can listen to via the player below.


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