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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #156 - The Fight Against Singh

We review the latest installment of the 22nd Phantom saga which see's Kit and Heloise the children of our Phantom the 21st and Diana take over the role of the Phantom. For those who have come in late, read on below as we do a tale of the tape outlining the whole situation.

In our review of the four stories as a whole, we get reviews by Gus Fraser and several phans who left their feedback on our social media platforms.

It is then left to the three of us as we discuss everything from what we love and hate about the series. Not surprisingly the elephant in the room of the introduction of Nadir in the story, the proposed illegitimate son of Sandal Singh and the Phantom takes center stage. We discuss that in full.

We then "play-nostradamus" as we predict what we would like to see with this 22nd Phantom saga.

We would love to hear your views and opinions on Nadir and the ongoing saga but also our review on the podcast. You can leave your comments on our various social media platforms.

It is important to take note of the following "Tale of the Tape"

The story is set a "few years" into the future, imagines a dismal and dystopian future for the Phantom universe. An earthquake and tsunami has devastated Bangalla, wiped out Morristown,

General Bababu is in tenuous charge of Bengalla, threatened by growing gang power and under pressure from international arms dealers. Sandal Singh is under threat as leader of the Singh pirates, with a coup planned by her cousin Rulah Singh. Bengalla in chaos...

Meanwhile... The 21st Phantom has been missing for over a year. Hero was found in the first part of the story arc but Devil is still missing. Diana and the Phantom have split up over the possibility that The Phantom fathered Sandal Singh’s son (first appeared in 2015 Rodiagate [part 2 of Singh War - link to Phantomwiki] after apparently being conceived in 2011 Fateful Meeting - link to Phantomwiki). Has been named in pt 1 of this 4 part series - Nadir.

Kit and Heloise initially struggled to work together but coming together now. During the Fight Against Singh story they split up, Kit to rescue father, Heloise to protect mother

If you want to read the stories, you need to read the following stories. We have included a gallery of the Fantomen and Frew covers.






Frew: 1864





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